Loma Espanjassa

Costa blanca

The Costa Blanca or “White Coast” is located on the east coast of Spain, about 400 km south of Barcelona and 500 km northeast of Malaga. The area thus comprises about 200 kilometers of the Mediterranean coastal area of Spain. About three million people live in the region, among whom there are plenty of different nationalities.

The coastal towns of the Costa Blanca region are known as particularly popular beach resorts, where you can find all the elements of a successful beach holiday: sun, heat, sea and long, wonderful, white-glistening sandy beaches as their name suggests.

In addition to beach life, the area also offers culture lovers many destinations worth exploring, such as the cities of Alicante, Elche and Orihuela, where you can find wonderful historical sites and charming old town areas. The city of Benidorm is the entertainment center of the Costa Blanca, which has become one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations alongside Nice and Paris.

In addition, the attractiveness of the area is increased by numerous high-quality golf courses, which attract a lot of Western and Northern European golf lovers in particular. Due to the favorable climate, the opportunities for practicing golf and many other sports are excellent on the Costa Blanca all year round.

However, more and more Scandinavians also live in the area all year round. The majority of Finns are concentrated in the southernmost parts of the Costa Blanca, in the Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa areas. The Torrevieja region has thus formed the second largest Finnish community in southern Europe, after Costa del Sol. For many, the choice is influenced by one or more of the following factors:

  • Great climate all year round; winters are milder and less rainy than, for example, in the Costa del Sol area, which is popular with Finns
  • Thanks to the salt lakes, a healthy microclimate
  • Moderate price level for both apartments and many services
  • Good services in many languages
  • Excellent golf courses, where playing is relatively inexpensive
  • Good opportunities for versatile outdoor exercise and sports all year round
  • A short distance from Alicante airport, where there are good air connections from
  • A Scandinavian school where Finnish and Swedish children can be taught in their mother tongue