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Real estate agency

Spain is a country where home is more than a place to sleep – it is part of a dream, a holiday, happiness and an important base for a short or longer period.

When it comes time to give up or change, we handle the sale of your apartment professionally and reliably. We get to know the apartment carefully, take high-quality pictures of it and look for the best aspects of the apartment for the next resident.

From us you can also get all the services related to selling or buying, from major renovations to small styling.

We cooperate with entrepreneurs and banks operating in the area, so in a sales situation we know how to help the buyer, e.g. in getting a mortgage or creating a renovation cost estimate for him. This makes the buyer’s decision-making easier and makes your apartment desirable.

Four reasons to do business with us

  • We like our work and this also shows as good service to customers.
  • We invest in high-quality communication and marketing and take good and clear pictures of the apartments.
  • The team has extensive know-how and long experience in property sales and property evaluation. We have an extensive network of partners who can help if necessary before or after the sale. At the same time, you get the expertise of the entire network at your disposal.
  • We take care of our customers even after the sale. A large number of our buying customers give the apartment to us for rental management or maintenance. This way we take care of the apartment even after the sale.

Rental agency

We rent your holiday home reliably and with long experience.
We already have around 90 rental apartments in the Torrevieja and Orihuela Costa areas in our agency, and we make hundreds of short- and long-term rental contracts every year.

Our carefree rental service for your vacation home

We offer a full-service rental agency for your holiday apartment, so you can always arrive at a neat and clean apartment.

  • Before the start of the rental, we will review the rental conditions, pricing and suggest possible updates to the apartment before the start of the rental
  • We describe the rental apartment in a high-quality and attractive way
  • We manage the search for tenants and the apartment reservation calendar
  • We invoice the rent as well as the agreed electricity and water charges from the tenant and account for the income at agreed intervals
  • We organize the cleaning of the apartment when the tenants change
  • We handle possible damage situations and the necessary repairs according to the agreement
  • The tenant agrees to the rental conditions

Contact us and we will also rent your apartment when you are not using it yourself

Welcome to Holiday in Spain as a customer!


If you use the apartment a lot yourself or you don’t want to rent it to outsiders, we offer a reliable maintenance service for your apartment. The set of services is always customized for each apartment, but the most commonly needed care services are

  • Verification visits, airing the apartment and emptying the mailbox when the apartment is empty
  • Yard and garden care as needed
  • Key storage and delivery to e.g. renovation workers or acquaintances staying in the apartment
  • Cleaning before arrival to the apartment and after departure
  • Small repairs in emergency situations

Contact us and ask more about our care service


Do you want to buy an apartment in need of renovation and make it look your way? If you can wait a while, then this can be a good strategy for buying a home in Spain, and at the same time you will get your apartment exactly as you want.

It is quite common for the new owner to renovate the apartment, and this is also often necessary in Spain. When you buy an apartment from us for yourself or as an investment, we will, if necessary, take care of the necessary renovation of the apartment after the sale.

We have a good network of experts in different fields, we handle the renovation supervision of the apartment reliably according to the contract.

A big challenge is to be able to see the future apartment already at the time of purchase and to assess the possibilities and costs related to renovation and decoration. We have carried out dozens of smaller and larger renovations and interiors in the area, and we already know how to suggest possible repair needs at the purchase stage, so that they can be more easily taken into account in the purchase budget of the apartment. It is often worth changing e.g. sockets, light switches, taps and hot water heater. Plastic switches become brittle over time, and limescale clogs faucets and the hot water heater. The hot water heater is usually changed every 5 years. In Spain, the apartments are built more simply than in other places in Europe, so renovations are often easier - accordingly, special requirements caused by the location should be taken into account during repairs, e.g. regarding ventilation.

When the apartment is redecorated, it becomes more functional and much more comfortable quite quickly. When decorating, we always take into account the use of the apartment and the wishes and requirements of the users. If the apartment is rented, we also ensure that all requirements related to renting are met.